Human Rights Education Newsletter

 Four times a year, the Advocates' writes and produces a newsletter designed to encourage and support human rights educators. Rights Sites News highlights a different human rights issue in each edition and are full of lesson plans, resources, and suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate human rights education in their classrooms.

Winter 2015 Edition
Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

Past Editions


Fall  2014: Racial Discrimination in the U.S. 


Winter 2014: The Rights of The Child in the U.S.


Fall 2013: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the U.S.


Spring 2013: Social Emotional Learning


Summer 2012: The Rights of Refugees


Spring 2012: The Right to Health


Fall 2011: Service-Learning: Taking Action for Human Rights


Spring 2011: Right to a Clean Environment


Fall 2010: Bullying and Human Rights


Summer 2010: The Right of Workers


Spring 2010: The Right of Persons with Disabilities


Winter 2010: The Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief


Fall 2009: Getting Started: Steps to Becoming a Human Rights Educator


Spring 2009: Arts Edition


Winter 2009: Girl's Rights Edition


Fall 2008: Human Rights Heroes Edition

Summer 2008: Immigration Edition


Spring 2008: Child Soldiers Edition


Winter 2008: Anti-Racism Edition


Fall 2007: Human Rights in the U.S.


Spring 2007: The Peace Edition


Winter 2007: Human Rights Day Edition

Fall 2006: Right to Education

Summer 2006: Take Action Edition


Spring 2006: Rights Sites Edition

Winter 2006: Women's and Girls' Rights

Fall 2005: Music Edition   


Summer 2005: Seeking Poetic Justice


Spring 2005: Child Labor


Winter 2005:
Interviews with Minnesota Teachers