Teach Human Rights

Teach about human rights in your classroom with these great resources:

  • Free toolkits on teaching about human rights issues in the U.S. with lesson plans, facts sheets, quizzes, and more!

  • Energy of a Nation - An interactive curriculum that looks at immigration through a human rights lens.
  • The Road to Peace -  Lesson plans, role plays, and case studies on conflict resolution and restoration of justice in the aftermath of war.
  • Voices of Iraqi Refugees  -  K-12 Lessons that help familiarize students with the post-war condition of Iraqi immigrants. 

  • Human rights lesson plans, organized by grade to ensure age-appropriateness, can be used to introduce human rights topics into the classroom. Focused on participatory learning, the lessons will engage students as well as introduce issues such as diversity, immigration, stereotypes, and the obstacles to an adequate standard of living in the United States.

  • More Curricula and Lesson Plans - Other recommended curricula and lesson plans for teaching about human rights.

  • Rights Sites News.  Four times a year, the Advocates' writes and produces a newsletter designed to encourage and support human rights educators. Rights Sites News highlights a different human rights issue in each edition and are full of lesson plans, resources, and suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate human rights education in their classrooms.

  • Arts and Human Rights Summer Institute - The Advocates for Human Rights, the Rex Foundation, and the University of Minnesota's Human Rights Center are teaming up to bring teachers and other professionals working with youth a summer institute on integrating creative arts methodologies and human rights education. No previous knowledge of arts methods necessary. Register here
  • Human Rights Education Training - In-depth training, workshops and seminars for educators and school administrators on how to bring human rights education (HRE) into the classroom.

Human Rights Books. Books are a great way to teach about human rights!  Here are few book lists to get you started.

Take Action. Learn how you can transform the classroom into a site of social change where students are empowered to become active citizens.

Human Rights Films. Films are a powerful and engaging way to bring human rights into the classroom.