About the Discover Human Rights Institute

The Advocates for Human Rights established the Discover Human RightsTM Institute in 2007 to contribute to the building of a U.S.-based human rights movement. Through the Institute, we provide educational resources and tools to help people learn about and apply international human rights standards in their daily lives, their families, their workplaces, and their communities. We train teachers, students, and community educators about international human rights standards and encourage people to “get informed, get involved, and get others interested” in human rights.


Guiding Principles
(1) Working Together Globally is Essential
The U.S. and global human rights movements must work together to promote and defend human rights. Many people across all sectors of society in the U.S. are involved in rights-based work. They protect the civil, social and legal rights of women, low- and middle-income earners, workers, children, the elderly, religious groups, refugees, immigrants, voters, the disabled and many others. People in other parts of the world are involved in similar work. This work is called human rights work. By understanding each other’s issues, struggles and approaches to solving problems, we can more effectively build a world in which the human rights of everyone, everywhere, are respected.


(2) Respecting Internationally Accepted Human Rights Standards is Crucial 
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the international legal standards set forth by international human rights treaties provide a useful common language and framework under which we can work together to promote respect for human rights both in the U.S. and elsewhere.


(3) Human Rights Education is Key
"Getting informed, getting involved and getting others interested"
in human rights issues is one of the best ways to ensure long-term progress in respect for human rights everywhere.


About The Advocates for Human Rights
The Advocates for Human Rights is a non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of The Advocates for Human Rights is to implement international human rights standards in order to promote civil society and reinforce the rule of law. By involving volunteers in research, education, and advocacy, we build broad constituencies in the United States and selected global communities.